New Shipping Service Will Serve Isles' Fish Farmers –

New Shipping Service Will Serve Isles’ Fish Farmers Fish Farming Today Published:  15 August, 2002

A NEW era in cargo service between Shetland and Aberdeen will start on 27th August when Norse Island Ferries first cargo vessel Merchant Venture will sail for the first time with cargo of mainly farmed salmon from Shetland.

The company was set up last month as a rival for incoming ferry operator NorthLink, which is replacing P&O Scottish Ferries from 1st October.

Norse Island Ferries is a new company formed by three Shetland haulage operators, Shetland Transport, Jim Brackenridge Transport Ltd. (JBT) and Northwards Ltd, as well as two shipping companies, Gulf Offshore and Cenargo. The Shetland salmon Farmers’ Association also sits on the board of the new company.

Norse Island Ferries claim to have 80% of the cargo that is being shipped in and out of Shetland.