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Auction, liquidation and asset advisory firm Heritage Global Partners is holding an online auction featuring vessels & intangible property from an innovative and patented aquaculture net washing company, Brunswick Jetters.

The auction takes place over 4-5 June and pre-auction offers are invited on all assets as a bundle, including two ocean vessels:

“Sho Am Hungry” Live Aboard Ocean Vessel 41’x 13′

  • Includes 250 HP Tesla beta washing system
  • Wireless crane & pressure hose spooling system
  • Unused Tesla alpha auxiliary hydraulic system
  • M225Ti diesel powered
  • 2300 hours on main, 3400 hours on pump module

“Tesla Integrator” Super Skiff Ocean Vessel, 37′ x 13′

  • Twin auxiliary diesel fuel supply tanks (2,000 litre)
  • Tesla alpha roof mounted winches
  • Pedestal mounted marine crane
  • Tesla alpha auxiliary hydraulic system
  • Twin 300HP supercharged outboard motors

Also in the auction are:

System components & ready spares

  • Caterpillar C7 dry exhaust configured, turbo intercooled 300 hp marine diesel motor
  • Woma ARP 250 P65 (duplex stainless) seawater pressure pump with 1800 rpm gear ratio, ceramic plungers
  • Pulsation damping system
  • Five custom engineered and branded 1 ¼ id thermoplastic hose assemblies (400’ spools) with open flow designed 316 stainless fittings
  • New Hayward engineered type II PVC moulded seawater filter systems
  • Twin (hydraulic driven, seawater optimized) self-priming booster pumps
  • Engineered overhead fishnet zip line setup with full complement of components to service one complete commercial salmon farm installation

Intellectual Property

  • Vortex washer patent (Tesla Alpha H2O)
  • Commercial
  • Pump engineering drawings
  • Washer engineering drawings
  • Cable car engineering drawings
  • Production results reports
  • Electronic documents
  • Promotional demo videos

Click here to view more details or contact Nick Dove at ndove@hgpauction.com

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