Farmed trout exports up by more than half

Steelhead trout

Trout is becoming the fashionable new farmed fish favourite in some parts of the world, figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council show this week.

Trout exports for April totalled a healthy 4,177 tonnes, worth NOK 485 million (£35m). The figures for the corresponding month last year were 2,739 tonnes and NOK 322 million (£23.5m).

In value terms this represents an increase of around 51% in just 12 months, with the volume up by around 56%.

Trout appears to be more popular in certain countries, notably the United States and Thailand. In the case of the US, trout’s milder flavour over salmon may be a factor.

Ukraine is also a major market despite the effects of conflict and last month it was the country with the greatest increase in value at NOK 83 million (£6m), a rise of 376% on a year ago, and a 299% increase in volume to 984 tonnes.

A year ago Lithuania also came up on the radar screen as a major buyer of Norwegian trout but has not shown up for a few months.

Norwegian trout globally is now fetching a record high price of NOK 161 or almost £12 per kilo. This is NOK 5 per kilo higher than the previous record which was set in June last year.

Norwegian farmed cod continues to grow in popularity with a volume increase of 16% to 1,200 tonnes and a value increase on last year of 52% to NOK 67 million (£5.5m) during April.


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