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Aquaculture UK 2022 – trade show

Aquaculture industry companies and suppliers are looking forward to the sector’s biggest trade show in the UK

As the UK’s leading trade show for the fish farming industry, Aquaculture UK is keenly anticipated by the organisations taking part – even more so because it only takes place once every two years.

Fish Farmer asked some of the organisations that will be represented in Aviemore about their expectations for the event and why they see it as important to be there.

Benedikte Ranum is Director of Communications & Knowledge Exchange with the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre – SAIC. She says: “Ever since SAIC was formed a decade ago, we have supported Aquaculture UK. Nothing beats getting together in person to exchange ideas, learn about shared challenges, explore potential solutions and network with fellow professionals across the sector.

“We will proudly be celebrating ‘Ten Years of Innovation with Impact’ in the conference tent, where business and academic partners will help us showcase some of our important work over the years. We will also be updating the sector on how SAIC will be driving R&D to help improve fish health and welfare into the future. And there will be a rich programme on our stand for SAIC Consortium members to present their innovative products and services.”

Arkadiusz Borowiec, Panaferd

Arkadiusz Borowiec, Panaferd

Panaferd, which produces naturally sourced, organic astaxanthin, will be in Aviemore. Arkadiusz Borowiec, the company’s Sales Manager Europe, says: “It is important to be represented at Aquaculture UK because it gives an opportunity to get in touch with different stakeholders and have direct contact with Scottish aquaculture experts.

“It is a great platform for networking and hear from not only customers (feed companies) but other parties like farmers, processors, distributors and retailers. It is great to see a full market spectrum under one roof.”

He looks forward to talking about Panaferd’s “sustainable and natural solution”, and how it can enhance fish welfare.

Cooke Aquaculture farm site

Cooke Aquaculture farm site

The major fish farming companies in Scotland and throughout the UK will be at Aquaculture UK, too. As Murray Spooner, Communications Manager at Cooke Aquaculture Scotland, puts it: “It is important for the aquaculture community to come together in person to share innovative ideas and highlight the latest developments in the industry. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our customers and suppliers at Aquaculture UK.”

HS. Marine crane

HS. Marine crane

Simone Boiocchi, Marketing Manager with Italian marine crane specialist HS. Marine, says: “It’s crucial for us to be represented at Aquaculture UK because it’s a way to meet key stakeholders in the aquaculture industry. This event brings together industry leaders and practitioners, providing an important opportunity to showcase our cranes, learn about emerging trends in the aquaculture sector and consolidate our presence as a key player in the UK sector.”

Boiocchi will be stressing the company’s commitment to developing solutions that are specifically made to face all types of marine conditions, as well as ongoing customer service.

He says: “We have high expectations for Aviemore as a place for networking, knowledge exchange and business development. We look forward to showcasing our products and services to a diverse audience of potential customers, aiming to generate interest and awareness about our valuable offerings, which represent significant opportunities in the aquaculture sector.”

AquaGen, a research-oriented breeding and genetics company, has been through a structural evolution and the show will provide an opportunity to explain what that means for the company.

Keith Drynan, AquaGen

Keith Drynan, AquaGen

Keith Drynan, Managing Director of Aquagen Scotland, says: “Our key messages will be around the power of genetics – what has been and can yet be achieved. We have opportunities in the UK to address some of the challenges in production by obtaining and utilising data on gill health amongst populations we have at sea. We’ll also be discussing how we have tackled the relative isolation of the populations between UK and Norway, and how we might influence this in the coming years.”

He adds: “As ever, I’m sure the show will be well laid out and run, and provide a forum to speak with clients old and new. I only hope we also see the fine weather we have experienced around the past few events!”

Benchmark,CleanTreat system

Benchmark, CleanTreat system

Another big name in the field of breeding and genetics is Benchmark, which will, as usual, be exhibiting in Aviemore. Birgitte Sørheim, Marketing Director Salmon, says: “The UK industry is important to Benchmark… [Aquaculture UK] is a good occasion to introduce new products and services as well as new members of our staff to the industry.

“Our key message is that we are supporting the industry with products and solutions to improve their productivity, animal welfare and sustainability. We see ourselves as a responsible collaborator, who are continuously innovating to help the industry to improve their operations and to reduce their footprint.

“At this year’s event, we have several new products and services to promote. Benchmark Genetics is launching a new product portfolio better adapted to the customers’ demand for improved growth or enhanced robustness. These products are branded as SalmoBoost and SalmoRobust.

“We are also promoting our new offering of cost-effective genotyping services targeting a wider range of aquaculture species and applications.

Benchmark Animal Health is presenting the next generation of water purification systems, CleanTreat Integrated for wellboats along with MMC First Process. We believe this solution will increase efficiency, sustainability and profitability of the salmon industry.”

Chris Mitchell, Business Development Manager, Wellfish Tech

Chris Mitchell, Business Development Manager, Wellfish Tech

Chris Mitchell is Business Development Manager with Wellfish Tech, a spin-out from the University of the West of Scotland, which has developed an innovative approach to assessing fish health through, among other things, blood sampling.

He says: “As a growing start-up business with a novel and complex offering within the fish health and welfare sector, it is vital for us to become and remain highly visible in the marketplace.

“Our key message will be that fish health monitoring, as opposed to diagnostics alone, brings additional real-time information into production decision-making, well in advance of those decisions being made, meaning that they are better ones.”

Also at the event, pump specialist NLB Corporation will be showcasing its leading water jet technology. Jordan Smietana, Marketing Manager, says: “It’s critical for us to participate in Aquaculture UK to showcase our high-pressure net cleaning pumps, offering unparalleled durability for on-shore and off-shore cleaning needs.

“Our primary message is on the technological advancements NLB has made in tackling key challenges in aquaculture, including saltwater erosion, noise reduction, emissions and maintenance efficiency.

“At Aviemore, we anticipate networking with companies seeking immediate and future-focused solutions in the aquaculture industry.”

MAN boat engine

MAN boat engine

PME Power Systems Group, the UK and Ireland importer for MAN marine engines, will be exhibiting at Aquaculture UK for the first time this year.

Marketing Manager Jade Chalk says: “PME has been watching the growth of Aquaculture UK as a forum for boat builders, skippers and fleet managers to explore emerging technological advances specific to their industry.

“We will be representing three major propulsion and generator options: MAN, Northern Lights and Lugger Engines. With a focus on reduction of tail pipe emissions, existing vessel life extension and new builds, we will be delighted to discuss the latest Tier 111, hybrid and Euro Stage V technology.”

PME Group have chosen to invest this year in exhibiting at Aquaculture UK, Chalk says, because the company believes its suite of products will be of real interest to visitors.

She adds: “We hope to take away contacts who would like to explore in-depth options available for upcoming projects, whether they are new vessel builds or repowers.”

Kerr Compressors

Kerr Compressors

Also talking about technology will be Kerr Compressor Engineers, which will be exhibiting a range of KAESER air products and solutions, specifically designed and built to provide maximum durability in aquaculture environments.

Cameron Kerr, Director of Kerr Compressor Engineers, and Adrian Feiler, Business Development Manager Aquaculture at KAESER KOMPRESSOREN, told Fish Farmer: “As an experienced supplier to the Scottish aquaculture community, we provide specialist air solutions for onshore and offshore applications throughout Scotland. As the UK’s leading trade show and largest meeting place for aquaculture professionals, Aquaculture UK is the ideal event to meet with key decision-makers from across the industry, including existing and potential new customers. Our prominent stand positions, both inside (C11) and outside (OS76), allow us the opportunity to exhibit, demonstrate and discuss KAESER’s latest specialised products, innovative technology and the professional services we provide 24/7 – 365 days a year.

“As a biannual show with a large in-person exhibition and simultaneous conference programme, Aquaculture UK draws visitors and suppliers from all over the UK and around the world. This provides a valuable opportunity for our specialist engineers and supplier partners’ product managers to network and discuss the latest technology and innovative new products.”

They will be underlining the commitment of Kerr Compressor Engineers and KAESER KOMPRESSOREN to continue developing and providing specialist air solutions designed and built to provide maximum durability in challenging aquaculture environments to ensure maximum process reliability and minimise the risk of downtime.

Tritonia Scientific ROV

Tritonia Scientific ROV

Tritonia Scientific provides underwater surveying through the use of remote sensing techniques and scuba diving. It also produces detailed models of seabed features and submarine infrastructure using georeferenced 3D photogrammetry.

Tritonia has recently been incorporated into the Ocean Ecology Group, which provides a wide range of marine surveying and consultancy services across several different industries. This, the company says, has greatly increased the range of services Tritonia and Ocean Ecology can now collectively offer.

Kate MacKichan, Aquaculture Lead at Tritonia, says: “We see Aquaculture UK 2024 as an unmissable opportunity to get the word out about this new relationship and to make known the opportunities this opens up for both companies to provide increased value to the sector. The UK’s largest trade fair [for aquaculture] is the ideal forum to get the message across.”

In particular, she will be talking about underwater 3D georeferenced photogrammetry and its potential for use in seabed compliance monitoring. This is likely to be of particular value in hard-substrate sites which cannot be directly sampled (in other words, using a grab). The challenge is to develop appropriate metrics to be used in compliance assessment.

Another focus will be the analysis of eDNA, which is rapidly becoming a viable option for environmental and compliance monitoring. eDNA data is currently accepted by SEPA during compliance monitoring surveys. Although this is currently limited to a narrow substrate range, the analysis has the potential to complement and/or reduce the need for labour-intensive traditional taxonomic approaches. eDNA can also be used as an effective diagnostic tool, investigating community structure in the surrounding water column or sediment, and assisting in the detection of pathogens and viruses.

She adds: “We know from experience that this will be a busy and rewarding event. There will be plenty of interaction with visitors, including both existing and potential customers, with the opportunity to discuss, explain and demonstrate the services we can offer to interested parties.

“Additionally, we will have the opportunity to look around and see what other exhibitors are doing – keeping abreast of new developments in aquaculture, forging new business connections and building on existing relationships.”

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Fish Farmer’s selection of other exhibitors (not all exhibitors) attending Aquaculture UK this year:
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PME Power Systems Group Ltd
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W&J Knox Ltd
World Feeds Limited


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