A new take on FIFO

A recent study from researchers at three UK universities (Cambridge, Lancaster and Liverpool) and the NGO Feedback Global argued that humans should be consuming small pelagic fish like sardines and […] Continue Reading

Trade travails

The final leg of their journey was undertaken in a pair of six-seater taxis from Edinburgh but, given the distances they had travelled just to get to that point, they […] Continue Reading

The big picture

Online meetings may have kept the shellfish industry in touch over the past two years, but it was a relief to everyone to be able to attend the 52nd Annual […] Continue Reading


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As others see us

Earlier this year two members of the Senedd, the devolved legislative assembly for Wales, visited Scotland to find out more about its aquaculture sector. Here, they report on their impressions.  […] Continue Reading

A way forward?

Nick Joy argues that the problems with bureaucracy are deep and endemic. Don’t get me wrong: I think that Professor Griggs’ views are accurate and the work of rebuilding the […] Continue Reading

Poll position

Despite the critics, the salmon industry is supported by people in local communities, says Hamish Macdonell. Ask anyone who has ever put an opinion poll in the field, and they […] Continue Reading

Barriers to growth

Scottish salmon is booming – that was certainly the message from the annual export figures last month. Production is up, exports are up and prices are starting to get back […] Continue Reading


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