Cooking up a storm

Protests over Mowi’s TV game show sponsorship have reheated old arguments about farmed fish mortality, as Dr Martin Jaffa reports in the February issue of Fish Farmer magazine. Read it […] Continue Reading

Time for dialogue

Those who are dedicated to shutting down the aquaculture sector should take the time to hear the case for the industry’s defence, Dr Martin Jaffa argues in the January issue […] Continue Reading


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Brexit evolves

If Brexit is a process, rather than an event, where does it need to go next? Salmon Scotland’s Hamish Macdonell considers what the way forward is for the UK’s seafood […] Continue Reading

Valuable lessons

I’m sure you can imagine the scene: a school canteen at lunchtime, it is loud, it is busy, there is good-natured pushing and shoving while teachers try to keep order. […] Continue Reading

Times past

I hope you will allow the intrusion of the personal this month. You see, my dear old Mum finally made it over the threshold into the next world. She died […] Continue Reading

The Fisher King

As we leave the Elizabethan age and Prince Charles ascends the throne as King Charles III, the press has speculated whether our new king will continue to champion his environmental […] Continue Reading


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