Keen to be green

No matter which part of the world’s maritime industry you look at, there is a strong strategic ambition based on a series of common objectives which focus on being more […] Continue Reading

Making herstory

The March issue of Fish Farmer magazine celebrated International Women’s Day by featuring insights from women involved in aquaculture in the UK and beyond. You can read Q&As with: Teresa […] Continue Reading

Recipe for love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, oyster farms gear up for an influx of orders as fishmongers and restaurants seek to increase sales by promoting “the food of love” for the traditional […] Continue Reading

An icon at stake

The salmon is an important icon on Canada’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts, connecting peoples on opposite sides of the world’s second largest country. Canada stretches 3,500 miles from Newfoundland and […] Continue Reading


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Korea ambition

South Korea’s first commercial RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) farm is due to start production later this year – and it won’t be producing salmon. While Norwegian-owned Salmon Evolution plans to […] Continue Reading

Back from the brink

Everyone knows that Atlantic salmon spawn in freshwater and make their way to the sea as adults. In fact, however, there are small communities of landlocked salmon that never make […] Continue Reading

The final hurdle

According to local legend, the Asrai are a race of fairies living in the seas around Scotland. Rather like mermaids, they have a reputation for tempting unwary fisherfolk to a […] Continue Reading


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