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Industry being legislated out of existence…

Legislative Noose Strangling Industry Fishing Monthly Published:  26 August, 2002

THE UK Government is not achieving sensible fisheries management by heaping more and more regulations on the catching sector, according to an industry spokesman

And George MacRae, secretary of the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association,said you could be forgiven for thinking that the UK Government is sometimes using the EU as an excuse and wants to regulate the industry out of existence.

Mr MacRae said:”How can the management of a so simple Industry require such complicated controls?

“ If the control legislation to date has been to achieve effective conservation, then it has failed.

“ Conservation can only be achieved with the consent and co-operation of the fishermen but that is now happening and no amount of legislation, control or enforcement can change that position.

“Government really does want to have a long hard look at itself in relation to its treatment of the fishing industry and to recognise that positive, sensible management is not achieved by heaping on regulation after regulation.

“ However, Government does not appear to be prepared to listen as it continues on its merry way of legislating for the industry, whether in relation to the environment, how a fisherman is to operate, the selling of fish, and so on.

“ That noose around the Industry’s neck tightens. Will there ever be a reprieve from the Government hangman?”