Iceland raises inshore fishing quota –

Iceland raises inshore fishing quota Published:  18 May, 2010

ICELAND has announced a big increase in its inshore fishing quota which makes a significant contribution to industry earnings, especially during the summer when most of the activity takes place.

Jón Bjarnason, Minister of Fisheries, has signed a regulation  which  sets a new groundfish quota of 6,000 tones, compared to just under 4,000 tons in 2009. The number of fishing  days per week is now four from Monday through to Thursday inclusive.


Coastal fishing,  which is also known as summer fishing, is due to start between May 10th and 15th.

This tonnage is not allocated to individual vessels as is the case with the conventional mainstream quota for the larger trawlers. When the  6,000 tons have been taken, the fishing is automatically stopped.

Coastal fishing was initiated in the summer of  last year to help the inshore fishing industry and the economy. However, the industry is divided on the innovation.   Some felt it was a great success, adding life and sparkle to many of the small fishing ports around Iceland´s coastline. 

Others were not amused and felt that the coastal-fishing-quota would have been more economically utilised by the larger fishing companies which are in business all the year round.Meanwhile, the Icelandic ash cloud which has grounded flights from Ireland and much of Scotland has so far not affected flights out of Reykjavik which means air freight fish from Iceland should reach the UK without too many problems.