Dead Salmon Slick Found In Lewis –

Dead Salmon Slick Found In Lewis Fish Farming Today Published:  21 August, 2002

It is as yet unclear whether the dead salmon are farmed or wild

A MAJOR investigation has been launched following the discovery of hundreds of thousands of dead salmon on the Isle of Lewis.

It is still unclear whether the salmon are escaped farmed fish or from wild stocks but the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has already taken away samples of the dead fish for analysis.

The organisation is advising people not to go near the shoal, reported to stretch for around half a mile along Loch Erisort, in case there turns out to be dangerous toxins present.

This latest happening comes hot on the heels of another disaster in the Western Isles earlier this month when nearly one million farmed salmon were killed by jellyfish, also on the Isle of Lewis.

It was estimated that fish with a value of around £2 million were lost to the company involved, Western Isles Sea Foods.