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Wild vs. farm fish test developed Published:  02 August, 2007

A test has been developed, which determines whether fish is wild or farmed

SCOTTISH scientists have developed a method of determining whether fish sold in supermarkets are farm-raised or premium-priced wild cousins.

J. Gordon Bell and colleagues at the University of Stirling note the European Union requires that retailers and consumers are provided information as to the geographical origin and production method for seafood.

“Due to the global nature of production, similar fish products can be sourced from variable points of origin, and this can lead to instances of mislabeling, both intentional and fraudulent,” the researchers wrote.

The new test is based on differences in composition of the fatty components found in farmed and wild fish. The differences occur because farmed fish usually receive a diet containing lower levels of marine-derived ingredients.

The report appears in the July 25 issue of the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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