Norwegian fishing industry looks to future –

Norwegian fishing industry looks to future Published:  12 August, 2013

NORWEGIAN fishermen are looking to the long term future of their industry. They have recently sent a detailed submission to their Government on how they see their fishing industry face up to the future.

The message to the Fishing Industry Committee in the Oslo Parliament says it is looking for Norway to become the world’s leading seafood nation – the same vision that has earlier been set out by the government.  It is planned that the written submission will be followed up by meetings with the country’s various political parties. The Norwegian Fishing Vessel Owners Federation has laid great stress on the importance of the seafood sector as creator of wealth as well as laying out measures which can provide further growth. Fisketbat says there is huge potential for increased value, but adds it is important that the government should provide a proper framework so the industry can exploit the huge potential that fishing offers the country. it also want to see improved market access. “Perhaps the most important prerequisite for further growth in the marine industries, however, to ensure a cost development in Norway in line with the countries we compete with,” the Federation added.”In this area, the Government has failed. If the trend in recent years with increasingly impaired Norwegian competitiveness continues, it will be impossible to realise the vision Government wants  for the marine industries.” There should also be an equitable share of resources, a commitment to research and the sustainable management of those resources, it says. Other points in the submission include improved competitiveness, recruitment and conditions for business.