Gearing for growth

New Zealand king salmon farms

New Zealand has ambitions to grow its aquaculture – especially salmon, oysters and mussels. Greenshell mussels have become the source for world famous nutraceutical products and the salmon sector is beginning to branch out into the open ocean.

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Big plans

Norcod box

Norway’s cod farmers are going all out for growth. The industry has set itself the ambitious target of 150,000 tonnes annual production within the next six years. Given recent government restrictions on new cod farming projects, the figure may appear unrealistically high – and probably is – but there is no doubt that the sector is determined to expand big time.

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Protecting human rights

Fish processing staff

The recent investigations uncovering human rights abuses in the farmed seafood industry, most recently in the shrimp industry in India, are very unsettling to read. While we all agree that these abuses should have no place in any industry, the reality is starker and more uncomfortable.

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Passing the test

Salmar Fillets

It’s been a challenging year for the world’s second biggest salmon farmer but, the CEO says, it has come through with flying colours. Vince McDonagh reports. Salmar is not just one of the world’s largest Atlantic salmon farming companies – it is also arguably the most interesting.

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25 years of marine excellence

Boats in line

The landmark 25th anniversary edition of Seawork, the UK’s leading event for workboats and working vessels, takes place over 11-13 June 2024 in Southampton, UK. Its sister show Speed@Seawork, which focuses on fast vessels operating at high speed for security interventions, military use, and search and rescue, is being held the day beforehand, Monday 10 June.

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Eyes on the target

Target image

Scotland is a nation of innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs. We have a thriving start-up scene and new ideas are brought to various sectors almost daily as a result of support from a range of organisations, including business support agencies, funding vehicles and innovation centres.

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Preparing aquaculture for climate change

The climate workshop at Nofima

Scotland and Norway joined forces last month to raise awareness and initiate action on climate change, as Elisabeth Ytteborg, Carlo C. Lazado and Lynne Falconer report. On 18 April, more than 70 people attended the Aquaculture and Climate Change workshop at the Nofima offices in Ås, Norway.

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Wrasse the way to do it

Ballan wrasse, reared at Ocean Matters in Wales, being transferred to Mowi farms in Scotland

A team of UK researchers has received funding to find better ways to vaccinate ballan wrasse against bacterial infection. It is hoped the project could help to grow the use of wrasse as cleaner fish to control sea lice on salmon farms.

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The greatest (seafood) show on earth


A visit to Seafood Expo Global (SEG) is an overwhelming experience for the senses, with all manner of fish, shellfish, seaweed products and equipment on display, the sound of thousands of exhibitors and visitors discussing business, the aroma of cooking demonstrations and tasting sessions, and an all-pervading smell of the sea. Multiply this through five vast halls, and it’s easy to see why it takes three days to do the expo justice.

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Counter argument

Varieties of seafood

An article in the Guardian newspaper looked at why people reject so much of the bountiful catches from the sea in favour of the same few species. The article asks how reliance on just a handful of popular fish species can be changed.

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