But where are the lice?

Loch Linnhe

Modelling for the supposed prevalence of sea lice is not backed up by samples taken in the field, says Dr Martin Jaffa Congratulations to the Fish Farmer magazine team for hosting their first Aqua Agenda webinar, which took place in January. The subject was fish health (see the report starting on page 46 of this…

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The great masquerade

Fish farm salmon round nets in natural environment Loch Awe Arygll and Bute Scotland

Salmon Scotland Chief Executive Tavish Scott addresses the blurring of the lines between activism and journalism, and highlights the desperate tactics of anti-salmon campaigners Our sector has hundreds of brilliantly talented biologists, veterinarians, hatchery technicians and environmental scientists who deliver the highest standards of animal welfare anywhere in the world. The innovation that has developed…

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Seeing through the glass ceiling

Breaking through the glass ceiling graphic

Tackling unconscious choices can help us ‘banish’ bias from aquaculture, argues Heather Jones There was a wonderful moment in the BBC’s The Traitors – no spoilers here for those who still haven’t watched, I promise – when host Claudia Winkleman spotted a trend in the contestants who were being removed from the game. The three…

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What shall I talk about?

Salmon fillets with Nick Joy cartoon logo

There’s hardly been any news about farming, so what on earth can I talk about? With French farmers dumping God knows what on their parliament and Brussels trying to fend them off the EU, there’s hardly anything interesting going on. Yet the media are finding it hard to cover. Occasionally they mention the green agenda…

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The nation’s favourite fish

By Nick Joy I may be suffering a little bit, not as you may think from overindulgence for a change but because I went for a long hill walk with friends on New Year’s Day (suffering from the effects of overindulgence). So today my old bones are feeling rather sore from reminding myself just how…

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Together against AMR

Antimicrobial resistance is not stopped by national borders, argue Henrik Duesund and Dr Patrik Henriksson By 2050, 10 million people could die from bacteria and other microorganisms resistant to antibiotics. Even countries and regions that make limited use of antibiotics will be affected. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global threat to human and animal health…

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Fish, feasts and fasting

Carp for the table is a niche market in the UK, writes Dr Martin Jaffa, but it has a long history The article in the last issue of Fish Farmer about a carp at Christmas brought back a lot of memories for me because I was involved in a major carp farming venture in the…

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Balancing act

Managing aquaculture growth and environmental restoration is not easy but it is essential, argues Javier Ojeda The escalating global demand for aquatic food, anticipated to surge by almost 80% by 2050 according to a Stanford University study, is propelled by diverse factors such as population growth and shifts in local affordability. Anticipating and meeting this…

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The business reset needs to be turbo-charged

Salmon Scotland’s Chief Executive Tavish Scott explains the Scottish Government is saying the right things but needs to act faster After replacing Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, Humza Yousaf promised to reset the Scottish Government’s relationship with business. The wider private sector had grown increasingly frustrated with several policies emerging from St Andrew’s House, in…

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Homegrown success for the Scottish salmon sector

UK sales for salmon are up more than 3% year on year, and that is just one indicator of the importance of the industry to the national economy. So says Salmon Scotland Chief Executive Tavish Scott in the December issue of Fish Farmer (starting page 26), which you can read or download here. Scott also…

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