Sea lice research at VESO Aqualab

Egg bearing female salmon lice

Sea lice – a point of focus VESO is a world leading contract research facility, committed to the conduct of state-of-the-art trials with fish and fish pathogens. Our main focus is on know-how regarding host-pathogen interactions and on conducting experimental challenge procedures with the pathogens that commonly affect aquaculture of cold-water species. A particular point…

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Vónin Scotland lands £955K for new aquaculture net facility

Vonin image

In a significant advancement for the Scottish aquaculture sector, Vónin Scotland Ltd, a leader in aquaculture services and supplies, has received £955,000 in funding from the Scottish Government. The grant will contribute towards the large investment required to develop a comprehensive facility for the maintenance, cleaning and treatment of fish farming nets. Vónin’s new operation…

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Effective and sustainable wastewater treatment in Aquaculture NAPRAS

napras project alumichem

Alumichem, along with partners, has secured a Green Development and Demonstration Programme grant for the NAPRAS fish farming wastewater treatment project Collaborating with DTU Aqua, Clean Matter and Drying Matter, the NAPRAS initiative aims to revolutionise wastewater treatment in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). The project focuses on efficient nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) removal, aiming…

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New for the fish farming market – the SpinTouch FX Water Analyser

SpinTouch FX device by LaMotte

Using proven photometric technology that has been game-changing in global water testing applications, the SpinTouch FX tests eight parameters, including ammonia, nitrate and nitrite with one water sample, simultaneously, within two minutes. The genius lies in the disc, which uses precisely measured reagents, meaning results are easy to obtain, accurate and repeatable. Portable, rugged and…

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Because fish deserve safe and first-class travel, too

Caption: Master-PUR H FishTec. Profile extruded PU transport hoses in different diameters with metal spiral and a fish and with connecting element Master-PUR H FishTec, represents the future of fish transportation in the fishing industry The seafood industry faces unique challenges, especially when it comes to transporting fish and seafood. Efficient and safe solutions are…

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Flying high

AQUAWINGS is promoting productivity and environmental sustainability of aquaculture sites through IoT and artificial intelligence The human population is constantly growing, reaching tremendous numbers and creating a relatively huge demand for food. Aquaculture, among the world’s fastest-growing food production systems, is critical in meeting such demands. However, this ongoing demand for fish protein comes together…

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Researching complex gill disease in Atlantic salmon

Moredun is helping to find ways to improve salmon gill health Moredun Scientific’s scientists are developing experimental models of gill diseases in Atlantic salmon (pictured). The gills of Atlantic salmon play a key role in physiological processes. Their structure enables efficient transfer between blood and the water environment, but the gills may be exposed to…

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Garware Technical Fibres launches new coatable braided nets

Garware Technical Fibres has launched the industry’s first coatable HDPE braided knotted net that can be painted with traditional water-based antifouling paints. Nets made with HDPE fibres have low surface energy (poor wettability) thereby making it hard to paint using water-based antifouling paints, unlike nylon nets that have high surface energy (good wettability). As surface…

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Investing in the future

Bakkafrost Scotland’s drive to be the leading sustainable salmon producer Bakkafrost Scotland is one of the largest employers in the Outer Hebrides with more than 500 staff across 45 locations on the West Coast of Scotland and Hebridean Islands. It continues its commitment to become Scotland’s leading salmon producer with a sustainable approach to business.…

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Genetics tailored for Scottish waters

Expertise in genetics is helping to create salmon stock with higher levels of resilience By Andrew Preston Lead, Trait Development and Land Based, Benchmark Genetics Benchmark Genetics is at the forefront of advancing sustainable salmon production through genetic improvement. While selective breeding programs have already yielded significant benefits in growth performance, robustness, and disease resistance,…

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