Back from the brink

Everyone knows that Atlantic salmon spawn in freshwater and make their way to the sea as adults. In fact, however, there are small communities of landlocked salmon that never make […] Continue Reading

The final hurdle

According to local legend, the Asrai are a race of fairies living in the seas around Scotland. Rather like mermaids, they have a reputation for tempting unwary fisherfolk to a […] Continue Reading

Electric shock

Well, what a couple of months it’s been. In Fish Farmer’s September issue, we looked at the Russo-Ukrainian War in Europe raging on, and food and fuel costs rocketing up. […] Continue Reading

Yes, we kanpachi!

Any connection between aerospace engineering and ocean fish farming may not be an obvious one, but the results of a crossover between the two will soon be evident on the […] Continue Reading

Frozen assets

An important discovery for mussel hatchery production was announced in August, with the publishing in Nature of results from a long-term study funded by the ASSEMBLE Plus project. The report, […] Continue Reading

Buon appetito!

Italians, noted for their sports cars and world class cuisine, have discovered a new addiction – salmon. According to the latest report from the Norwegian Seafood Council, sales of the […] Continue Reading