Counter argument

Varieties of seafood

An article in the Guardian newspaper looked at why people reject so much of the bountiful catches from the sea in favour of the same few species. The article asks how reliance on just a handful of popular fish species can be changed.

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The vegetarian oyster

Nick Joy cartoon and oyster image

A long time ago, we were trying to grow seaweed and sea urchins alongside our salmon. The approach had many highly technical names, but I like to call it integrated aquaculture. The problems were many, not least in regulation. In the end we failed because growing salmon is difficult enough for most people, but I am still very glad we tried.

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Vónin Scotland rolls out new brand in Aviemore

Vonin Scotland

Vónin Scotland debuted under its new brand at Aquaculture UK 2024, held in Aviemore on May 14-15. Part of the Vónin Group, the company has service stations in Scalpay and Scalloway, and is currently constructing a third in Kyleakin, expected to open in 2025 with state-of-the-art technology.

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The Green Sea is back, and ready to service

M/V Green Sea Service has, with great success, visited a wide range of fish farming sites along the Scottish west coast

Norway is the world’s largest producer of salmon, while Scotland ranks third and is the second largest in Europe. Fish farming has become a high-tech industry where small changes can have significant impacts, placing increasingly high demands on suppliers and fish farmers themselves. Luckily for the aquaculture industry in Scotland, there is a Norwegian service provider with an excellent track record ready to assist.

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Cutting the carbon

Shrimp in hand

Thai Union Group, the world’s seafood leader, has launched an innovative programme to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the shrimp supply chain. The Shrimp Decarbonisation initiative has been developed in collaboration with global environmental organisation The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and retail group Ahold Delhaize USA.

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Dysentery suspected at salmon facility

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has disclosed that dysentery may been found in one of the country’s fish farms.

If the suspicions are confirmed, it would be regarded as a serious development on top of a number of other biological issues affecting the salmon and trout sector.

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