Dysentery suspected at salmon facility

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has disclosed that dysentery may been found in one of the country’s fish farms.

If the suspicions are confirmed, it would be regarded as a serious development on top of a number of other biological issues affecting the salmon and trout sector.

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Seaweed Farm Manager, SAMS – Oban

SAMS logo

SAMS actively operates two seaweed cultivation sites that are a cornerstone in delivering research and commercial projects investigating macroalgal cultivation and uses of farmed algae. As the seaweed cultivation sector has expanded, a need has arisen to support the day-to-day maintenance and development of SAMS seaweed farm sites.

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An uphill task


The shellfish world is one full of contrasts, Nicki Holmyard finds As we gained plaudits, column inches and airtime in March for the wonderful benefits to the environment, biodiversity, ecosystem services, food security and surrounding fisheries that our offshore mussel farm brings, it struck me that this side of the business is far removed from…

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California dreaming

Wild kelp bed California

Kelp farming in America’s Golden State requires patience, as Julia Hollister reports Getting a licence to become a kelp farmer in California seems like a great idea. But before you check your bank account, find a location for the farm and search for a catchy name; you need patience. According to the California Department of…

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Brokering a better Brexit deal

Port of Dover

Salmon Scotland Chief Executive Tavish Scott says the coming general election is an opportunity to reset the UK’s relationship with the EU and smooth the vital flow of trade The Brexit debate that so dominated our politics not so long ago has taken something of a backseat in the past couple of years. But many…

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Crystal clear

Arctic Charr farm Canada

The Prairies, renowned as Canada’s breadbasket, is not the first place you would expect to find a fish farm – let alone one of the largest of its kind in the world. But the location’s excellent water quality will be key to the success of what will be Canada’s biggest Arctic charr farm, says the…

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Taking back control

Border Force Customs

Physical checks on plant and animal products imported from the EU into the UK will start from 30 April. Will the UK’s seafood exporters feel that they have a level playing field at last? Sandy Neil investigates.
The UK left the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union on 31 December 2020, leaving the UK and EU with separate customs and regulatory regimes.

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AlphaGeo promotes Chasing’s versatile ROVs

Marine services business AlphaGeo UK will be at Aquaculture UK this May, promoting the versatile range of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from China’s Chasing Innovation Tech Company, including the Chasing M2 Pro and Pro Max. They will also be talking about the company’s latest model, the Chasing X. Built for the toughest environments, this underwater…

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Stark numbers


The latest report from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute indicates that the industry is still failing to get a grip on salmon and trout mortalities. Vince McDonagh reports The figures are stark and speak for themselves – and should worry not just salmon farmers in Norway, but the industry internationally. The Norwegian Veterinary Institute last month…

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