Young's takes Fish For Lfe message to web –

Young’s takes Fish For Lfe message to web Published:  27 July, 2010

YOUNG’S Seafood have moved  their ‘Fish For Life’ campaign up a couple of gears by launching a special website about the initiative.

Fish for Life was formally launched in 2006 and is the company’s flagship and award-winning programme for fish sustainability. Now that Young’s is part of the Findus Group the programme has also been adopted for the Group’s Findus brands across Europe.

But six weeks ago the Fish For Life programme  really became of age when it  recognised by the European Union as the winner of the Management category in the European Business Awards for the Environment. And Mark Escolme, managing director of Young’s and Findus UK, told the Humber Seafood Summit two weeks ago that would play a pivotal role on the company’s promotion of fish and seafood.

Fish for Life encompasses detailed criteria and a stringent assessment process to ensure the responsible sourcing of both wild and farmed fish.A new website is launched today which explains in more detail the operation of the  sustainable sourcing programme used by Young’s Seafood and the Findus Group.

Fish for Life is designed to ensure the sustainability of all the fish – both wild caught and farmed – supplied to the Young’s and Findus brands.  As well as incorporating rigorous internal processes for responsible fish sourcing, Fish for Life is also a business campaign intended to help drive long term improvement for the fish and seafood industry internationally.

Mark Escolme  added: “Our Fish for Life vision drives us to engage actively with suppliers and the wider industry.  It’s not just about sourcing our own fish sustainably but about also supporting projects and research which will be of long term benefit to long term seafood sustainability and security for the marine environment.” 

Ian Hagg, director of corporate social responsibility for the Findus Group adds: “Over time, we intend to develop the new Fish for Life website as a forum for hosting debate and informed discussion.  Our aim is to increase understanding – both of what sustainable seafood is and the ways that industry can help deliver it.”

The website is