Young's take healthy fish message to MPs –

Young’s take healthy fish message to MPs Published:  06 November, 2009

UK seafood leader Young’s took its top selling Chip Shop battered fish brand to the House of Commons this week – to show MPs the work done in recent years to reformulate it as a healthier product.

Young’s appeared alongside a number of other famous British food brands at an event hosted by the Food and Drink Manufacturing All Party Parliamentary Group together with the Food and Drink Federation .The session allowed MPs to meet food manufacturers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of making health improvements to popular food and drink products.

Young’s set out in 2005 with the aim of significantly reducing the saturated fat of Chip Shop – without compromising the traditional taste and texture which have made it so successful.

After more than 100 product trials and extensive consumer research, Chip Shop was re-launched in 2007 with a ‘less than five per cent saturated fat’ proposition.

The move has paid off because sales of the Chip Shop range have grown by 18 per cent since the relaunch.

Charlotte Broughton, marketing controller at Young’s, says, ‘This was a great opportunity for us to meet MPs and showcase one of our key nutrition improvement projects.

‘Traditional battered fish is not usually regarded as a healthy food, but reducing the fat in Chip Shop to less than five per cent means it can now be enjoyed by everyone as part of a healthy diet.’

Grimsby-based now has an ongoing nutritional improvement which also includes Scottish scampi where saturated fat has been reduced by 75 per cent.