Seafish Publishes Key Achievements –

Seafish Publishes Key Achievements European Fish Trader Published:  13 September, 2002

Andrew Dewar-Durie: “Only the highest quality seafood products will satisfy consumers.”

THE Sea Fish Industry Authority today published its annual review and cites high quality standards and supporting a seafood industry that balances consumer needs and conservation as its two main achievements.

In the report’s foreword,Seafish chairman, Andrew Dewar-Durie says: “Change – on unprecedented scale – is the single greatest challenge facing all of us in the seafood industry as the major review of the Common Fisheries Policy evolves, stocks come under more pressure and competition from other foods becomes tougher. At Seafish, we are well aware of the problems and opportunities faced by each sector, and all of our work is designed to make a positive difference to those operating our industry’s diverse business.”

“Consumption of seafood is growing at a steady 6 per cent each year but, throughout the chain, we need to work harder to make the most of our ‘catch’ whether landed, farmed or imported. Only the highest quality seafood products will satisfy consumers, so it is crucial that those operating in every sector adhere to the highest possible standards to ensure the industry’s long term success.”The Review shows almost one third of Seafish’s total £10.8million annual budget was used on research and development work which,in 2001-02,included investigating more selective methods of fishing.The report details Seafish’s other achievements over the year,which included consumer and industry PR; surveys of the UK fishing and processing sectors; training initiatives and the development of traceability systems for wild caught fish.