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Random draw to decide who gets extra cod Published:  20 November, 2009

INSHORE fishermen working in area of the English Channel are being invited to take part in a random draw  for a small extra allocation of cod.

The Marine and Fisheries Agency say an extra 18 tonnes of cod has been granted to the East Channel area ICES V11d to vessels of ten metres and under from December 1 to the end of the year when the new 2010 quotas come into force.The MFA closed the area completely in September because to gain further allocation would have meant swapping quota from neighbouring countries and none was readily available.Now the names of eligible vessels will be entered into the draw and the successful 36 will each be entitled to land 500 kg of cod from December 1 to the end of the year.The MFA says there is not enough extra quota to re-open the fishery to all vessels – even for a limited time – and the final random selection process is to make it fair to all. To re-open to all vessels would risk an overfish at a UK level.To be eligible vessels for the draw vessels should have landed at least 250 kg of East Channel V11d cod in any of the years 2007, 2008, 2009. The MFA is using the 250 kg figure as an indication that these vessels had an active interest in the fishery.. Applications are being invited now the list will be closed next Thursday and the draw will take place on Friday November 27.