Public urged to look out for turtles –

Public urged to look out for turtles Published:  18 January, 2007

THE Marine Conservation Society is urging anyone to be on the look out after rare turtles have been washed up on Scotland’s shores.

If the turtles are found alive there is a chance they can be nursed back to health then released into their warmer natural environment in the Atlantic Ocean, the society said.

Since December 11 turtles have been found, only three of them alive. This number includes four leatherbacks, six loggerheads and one kemps turtle,the rarest species of the animal on the planet.

MCS species policy officer Peter Richardson said: “Winter turtle strandings in the UK tend to be caused by strong south-westerly winds that disorientate small or weak turtles and blow them in from the Atlantic Ocean, so we expect more live turtles might wash up on our beaches in coming weeks.”