Protests Against End of BC Moratorium –

Protests Against End of BC Moratorium Fish Farming Today Published:  30 July, 2002

A CANADIAN anti-aquaculture group dumped 600 pounds of dead fish in front of a government building in an attempt to urge the provincial government to maintain the ban on new salmon farms.

The Forest Action Network (FAN) held up banners reading “Fish Farms Kill” before dumping the truckload of dead farmed salmon and fish farm waste onto the lawn outside the British Columbia legislature.

FAN’s Clement Lee said: “Dumping fish farm waste does not happen in our backyards. By doing what we are doing today, we are trying to bring a fraction of the reality of this industry to the government.

We are also raising the serious economical, social and environmental questions about the lifting of the moratorium on new salmon farms.”

The provincial government was expected to lift the five-year moratorium on April 30 of this year, but it has been delayed again and again because regulations for waste removal that meet the federal Fisheries Act have not been finalised.