Primozone supplies ozone solution to Bell Aquaculture, US –

Primozone supplies ozone solution to Bell Aquaculture, US Published:  10 May, 2012

Swedish ozone generator supplier Primozone has been selected to, for the second time, provide an ozone generator solution for Bell Aquaculture who is the largest yellow perch aquaculture facility in the US.

Bell Aquaculture is a sustainable fish farmer operating in Albany, IN and who is expanding its production with 3 million more fish per year to meet the growing demand. Bell Aquaculture is committed to sustainable fish farming that is gentle to the environment and hormone free.

Primozone has been chosen as the supplier thanks to its cost-efficient solution and a successful previous installation at Bell Aquaculture.

The cost-efficient Primozone ozone solution consist of not only a Primozone ozone generator but also the patented Primozone® ODM ozone distribution module which allows for individual and variable distribution of ozone to different fish tanks. The Primozone ozone distribution solution means a lower investment cost as it allows for the use of fewer ozone sources.

“We are very pleased with the fact that Bell Aquaculture once again has trusted in us to supply a ozone water treatment solution for their facility,” says Anders Schening, CEO, Pimozone Production AB. “This proves that we have a perfect and sustainable solution that covers the fish farm’s need of relatively small ozone doses distributed to several different fish tanks – all individually dosed depending on the fish population of that tank.”

The installation at Bell Aquaculture is done in close cooperation with AquaCulture Enterprises Inc, who is the building contractor of the RAS-system.