Nutreco highlights policy review in 8th CSR report –

Nutreco highlights policy review in 8th CSR report Published:  30 March, 2009

Nutreco, the global animal nutrition and fish feed company has published its eighth Corporate Social Responsibility Report in a row. As the world faces increasing problems of food security and climate change the executive board decided to define and implement a new CSR policy for Nutreco in 2009. This will be included in performance contracts by 2010.

In 2008 the company reviewed its priorities to ensure they are right for Nutreco in the world of today. Nutreco’s sustainability approach stays focused on four pillars: sustainable management of natural resources, climate change, feed-to-food quality and Nutreco people & investment in the community. The report features how those subjects are put into practice. Interviews with Nutreco people that help to improve the company’s sustainability, show how everyone can make a difference.

Wout Dekker, CEO Nutreco said: ‘The population of the world is growing. Six billion today will rise to nine billion by 2050 and they all need food. Further to this, as incomes rise, people switch their diets to preferred protein sources in the form of mainly meat and fish. The challenge we face is to get more food, including high quality protein, in a sustainable manner from limited resources at prices people can afford.

‘By applying our knowledge of feed ingredients and the nutrition of animals and fish we gain optimum value from limited natural resources. Our ability is to convert those raw materials into advanced feed solutions that meet the needs of farmed animals and fish and contribute in delivering high quality products for human nutrition: providing more from less. Each advance we make should improve sustainability for the future to secure the opportunities of future generations.

‘In addition, we try to bring others along the same journey with us, for example by joining dialogues and round table discussions and by organising the alternating Agri Vision and Aquavision conferences.’

The CSR report can be downloaded from