Norwegian seafood exporters smile again thanks to higher salmon prices –

Norwegian seafood exporters smile again thanks to higher salmon prices Published:  05 February, 2013

A MUCH hoped for increase in salmon prices helped push up the value of Norwegian seafood exports by an impressive 15 per cent in January, the latest figures show.

Revenue from the overseas sales of fish and seafood products totalled 4.8 billion (£557 million sterling)  Norwegian kroners, an increase of NOK 636 million ( £73.7 million) on the previous January. There were a number of pleasing trends for the Norwegian industry, not least the increase in the volume of cod exports even though prices were lower. But salmon was king last month with increased exports due to strong demand and higher prices compared to the same time last year. Egil Ove Sundheim, director of the Norwegian Seafood Council, said that low cod prices had also led to increased exports of cod products of most varieties.Salmon exports totalled NOK 2.8 billion ( £325 million) in January, an increase of NOK 834  (£96 million)  or 43 per cent on January 2012, due to a market increase in the whole prices of salmon. A total of 77,000 tons was exported last month, a rise of 8,000 tons. Trout exports were even more impressive, growing by 101 per cent to NOK 203  (£23.5 million), with Russia the main buyer. On the pelagic side exports of herring fell by 40 per cent to a value of NOK 365 million ( £42 million) and mackerel exports fell by 54 per cent to a value of NOK 180 (£20 million) . Total exports of frozen and fresh cod  were worth NOK 520 million (£60 million) , with Denmark the principal buyer. The Norwegian Seafood Council said very low cod prices had helped to push up demand, adding there were strong exports of dried cod to Brazil.