Norway seafood chief tells Grimsby: "We shall return." –

Norway seafood chief tells Grimsby: “We shall return.” Published:  03 December, 2010 THE managing director of the Norwegian Seafood Council in Britain and France has said he wants to get back to Grimsby as soon as he can,  after a major Seafood Conference scheduled for the port this week was torpedoed by the snow. Johan Kvalheim, who led the Norway delegation, told Fishupdate that there were real possibilities of establishing  a regular fish trade corridor between Norwegian fishing ports and the Humber.He said: “Unfortunately, the weather interrupted everything, but it will be rescheduled for the New Year and we are looking forward to coming back – without the snow of course.” Asked if there was a possibility of fresh Norwegian cod and haddock being sent direct to the Grimsby auction market, Mr Kvalheim said: “Norway has not gone in for that  in the past, but that doesn’t mean things cannot change .It is something we will look at.” He added: “Seafood is a truly international business these days. If fish companies see prices falling in one market or country, they soon move to another.” The Norwegian delegation managed to escape a snowbound Grimsby by getting the last flight to Paris from Manchester Airport. Mr Kvalheim said: “Thanks to the snow in Grimsby we shall all remember where we were on December 1st 2010. We would like to thank Grimsby for making it so much like home from home for us.” Meanwhile, Norway has just announced that its salmon and trout exports for 2010 look to top the 32.5 billion kroner mark (around £325 million sterling) – the highest on record. This year Norwegian fish farmers are likely to produce around 66 per cent of the world’s aqua farm production of salmon and trout.