New Zealand: Minister to consider kahawai fishery decision –

New Zealand: Minister to consider kahawai fishery decision Published:  22 March, 2007

Jim Anderton

DECISIONS around catch limits and allocations in the kahawai fishery, New Zealand, will have to be reconsidered, says Minister of Fisheries Jim Anderton, due to the Judge’s findings in the kahawai court case.

The recent court case came through both recreational and commercial fishers being unhappy about how the previous New Zealand Minister of Fisheries set catch levels for kahawai in 2004 and 2005.

Jim Anderton says much of the hearings have been taken up with issues of procedure and information, but the heart of the issue has always been the question of “who gets the fish?”

“There’s been a lot of passion around this case, with both groups of fishers challenging the previous Minister’s decisions,” says Jim Anderton. “The judge’s ruling is that the catch limits and allocations made for kahawai will have to be reconsidered.”

“I’ve requested advice from my Ministry and Crown Law on how best to proceed.”

“The government is currently considering submissions on new policies that should spell out how fisheries that are important to both recreational and commercial fishers should be shared,” Jim Anderton says.

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