New Product Development Is A Time To Nip Problems In The Bud –

New Product Development Is A Time To Nip Problems In The Bud European Fish Trader Published:  30 May, 2003

MARTYN Rogers of RSSL said that food products must be designed with microorganisms in mind during a briefing session on how a food manufacturer can avoid poisoning people, organised by The Society of Food Hygiene Technology recently.

“Designing safety from the beginning of the product development process is an opportunity to nip problems in the bud, to eliminate product recalls and, most importantly, to prevent killing someone,” he said.

He also talked about the prevention of food poisoning and the sources of contamination through all stages of manufacture from raw materials to the retailer, and ultimate consumption.

Intrinsic factors such as pH, water activity and nutrients, and extrinsic factors such as temperature, relative humidity and gas atmosphere were also given as areas to be considered for microbial growth.

“Consumers require a product which is convenient, suitably priced and does not expire after 24 hours,” he said.

Tesco’s head of operational standards and policy, Steve Edwards, said that public confidence was extremely important to retailers and manufacturers, so food safety and hygiene was a strong determinant.

He said that Tesco used effective risk management systems (ERMS) and completed a number of controls prior to a product launch. Controls after the launch included monitoring to pick up on trends or sabotage, product testing to compositional standard, authenticity and adulteration, and due diligence auditing of the supplier site.