New lifejacket on display at Scottish Skipper fishing show –

New lifejacket on display at Scottish Skipper fishing show Published:  22 June, 2011

A BRAND new design of lifejacket, offering 100 Newtons of inherent buoyancy, has been produced by Regatta of Norway and will be on display at the Scottish Skipper fishing show in Aberdeen this week.

This innovative product, which is also available in a 50 Newtons version, has been developed at the request of the fish farming industry in Scandinavia, specifically to meet their requirements for a strong, functional PFD and lifejacket.

Called the Seafarmer, the new vests feature anchor points for VHF radio and light, generous sized pockets and sheath for a knife.

The new product will fill a gap in the market for a reliable lifejacket which does not require regular checking and maintenance of mechanical parts.

Weighing just over 1 kg, the vests are made in hi-viz yellow, self-extinguishing PVC and are equipped with whistle and SOLAS reflective tapes.

They have approvals EN 393 (for the 50 N version) and EN 395 (for the 100 N version).The Seafarmer will be on display on the Don-Mor Safety stand, No 56.