New EU food safety alert over consignment of salmon from Denmark –

New EU food safety alert over consignment of salmon from Denmark Published:  28 July, 2005

THE EU rapid alert system has detected mercury in mako shark loins (Isurus glaucus) from Indonesia, notified by the Netherlands, Norway notified that Vibrio cholerae, Vibrio parahaemolyticus and salmonella Newport had been detected in black tiger shrimp from Vietnam via Sweden and from Bangladesh via Denmark.

ASP Domoic acid was found in Coquille Saint Jacques from Belgium, notified by Belgium.

An excessive count of Escherichia coli was detected in frozen and cooked mussels without shell from Spain, notified by Italy. Frozen and chilled yellow fin tuna loins from Indonesia via the Netherlands had been treated with carbon monoxide, notified by Italy.

Listeria bacteria was found in smoked salmon from Denmark and in fresh pangasius filets from Vietnam via the Netherlands, notified by Italy.

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