New bond scheme gains support –

New bond scheme gains support Published:  22 March, 2004

The Duchy Fish Quota Company announced that it has started 2004 with support from around the coast of Cornwall for its Bond Scheme. Five companies directly involved in the fishing industry have dug deep to support the Duchy Fish Quota Company and bought Bonds. This money will be used to buy fish quota, which will be held in Cornwall and ensure more catch is landed in the county for years to come.

The new Bond holders are: Looe Fish Selling from Looe, Cornish Smoked Fish based in Charlestown, Sou-West Seafoods of Falmouth, Kelynack Fish from Helston and Celtic Fish and Game based in St. Ives. Each of the owners of these companies knows only too well how important it is to keep fish quota in Cornwall and ensure a livelihood for Cornish fishermen and their families.

Heugh Symons of Looe Fish Selling was delighted to be able to support the Duchy Fish Quota Company, he said “they are providing an important service in stemming the flow of quota from the county. As auctioneer at Looe Fish Market I know how important it is to keep local boats landing fish in Cornwall”.

Martin Pumphrey of Cornish Smoked Fish said “I feel it is very important to keep as much of the existing fish quota in Cornwall as possible. We use as much local fish as we can but not always as much as we would like because of the quota shortage and because the pelagic species we use such as mackerel and herring are sourced in the northern sectors of the Atlantic and so landed elsewhere. I am delighted to support the Duchy Fish Quota Company Bond scheme and help to retain quota within Cornwall for local fishermen and their boats”.

John Seabourne of Sou-West Seafoods said “I am very supportive of the Duchy Fish Quota Company as it is backing a very important industry in the South-West and supporting local fishermen. I source my fish locally from Newlyn fish market and from local boats in Falmouth and provide quality fish to local hotels and restaurants in Falmouth and wholesalers up country. Fish is a wild product which is good for you and it seems to me such a shame that 75-80% of our fish is exported, as there is a higher demand for it abroad. I think it is important to support the fishing industry in this way through the Duchy Fish Quota Bond scheme as without fishermen we are sunk”.

Jenny Lewis of Kelynack Fish said “I buy my fish locally and would prefer to support the local boats. Cornwall should be for the Cornish as there is not enough work down here from traditional employment such as farming and mining, so I firmly believe we must hang on to the fishing. My business survives by buying quality Cornish fish and preparing it to the chef’s requirements, it is then delivered anywhere around England, Wales and Scotland – my clients include Gleneagles Golf Club and two restaurants in the top 15 in the country. I am delighted to support the Duchy Fish Quota Company with their Bond scheme”.

Ian Bullus of Celtic Fish and Game said “We are a family business and appreciate how much the fishing industry needs the support of other members of the ‘fishing family’. This is a great way for small businesses such as ourselves to play a part in ensuring that fish is landed in Cornwall, benefiting everyone involved in the fishing community.”