Lifejacket Reminder In Vessel Loss Report –

Lifejacket reminder issued to UK fleet

Lifejacket Reminder In Vessel Loss Report Fishing Monthly Published:  04 July, 2002

THE UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) today reinforced a lifejacket message to fishermen with the publication of the report of its investigation into the capsize and foundering of the 10m fishing vessel Sundance off Gilkicker Point,East Solent last September with the loss of one life.

The skipper,his son and a crew member were thrown into the water and, as a result,the crew member died.

The branch report says Sundance left Camber Dock in Portsmouth earlier in the morning to trawl popular grounds off Gilkicker Point which were unfamiliar to her skipper and crew.

During her first trawl she picked up part of a WW2 torpedo and along with it a quantity of mud and shells. The skipper was aware that a heavy load had been “caught” and he and the crew tried to recover it. However the vessel later capsized.

The branch said today that the investigation has highlighted the need for skippers to have a good basic understanding of ship stability so that they are able to make informed decisions when extraordinary events occur. It also highlights once again, the commonsense advice for fishermen to wearlifejackets when working on the open deck, even in benign weather and sea conditions.