ICES Outstanding Achievement award given to the UK's John Pope –

ICES Outstanding Achievement award given to the UK’s John Pope Published:  19 October, 2012

ICES has awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award to John Pope of the United Kingdom for his sustained commitment to developing ICES, as well as for his achievements in science, management, policy, and mentoring.

Chairman of the Awards Committee Ed Houde said: “It was John Pope who saw the need to make ICES attractive to the best marine scientists and engage them in work linking the best science to the most relevant and reliable advice.”

The award, which is the highest expression of recognition for an individual’s contribution to ICES, was presented at the ICES Annual Science Conference (ASC), held in Bergen, Norway, in mid-September.

Over 700 participants gathered in Bergen to exchange ideas and establish partnerships during the week-long conference. The conference focused on two particular science areas: the sustainability of aquaculture and the oceanography and ecology of the Arctic in the context of climate change. In total, 18 theme sessions covered a wide range of topics, including the effects of renewable energy production on aquatic life, the evolution of marine frameworks to prevent overfishing and the multidisciplinary perspectives in the use of science and scientific advice in Marine Spatial Planning.

Iratxe Zarraonaindia from the University of the Basque Country, Spain, was awarded the Best Presentation Award for her study on population genetic structure and traceability of the European anchovy using SNP-type markers. Benjamin Planque from the Institute of Marine Research, Norway, won the Best Poster Award for his study on dynamic stochastic foodweb model for the Barents Sea ecosystem.