How to Stage a Successful Defence –

How to Stage a Successful Defence European Fish Trader Published:  06 September, 2002

THE Society of Food Hygiene Technology (SFHT) has announced that it is to stage a half-day symposium and forum for debate on how to mount a successful defence on food prosecution.

Held in conjunction with the Food Technology Centre at the University of Teesside, in Middlesborough, the organisation says the event will be vital for those companies unsure of how to deal with a poor inspection from the Environmental Health Department and possible prosecution.

A number of related subject matters will be covered, including the role of the expert witness; Dr Slim Dinsdale, will give valuable lessons in how expert evidence can work for you and, occasionally, against you. Solicitor, David Hetherington, specialises in the defence of food law and trading standards prosecutions and will explain the key stages in the preparation of the defence from the initial notification through to the PACE interview to the court. He will also give instances of ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ handle some of the situations that may occur.

Stephen Findley, managing director of The Paradigm Solution (GB), will give an example of a food manufacturer’s successful defence. He will explain the key factors in the successful use of the due diligence defence in real cases and the ‘lessons learnt’ from cases he has been involved with as technical director of a major meat products manufacturer.

•For further information about the event held on 24 October, contact the Society’s office 01590 671979