Fresh Fish From Iceland to Humber In Hours –

Fresh Fish From Iceland to Humber In Hours European Fish Trader Published:  06 February, 2003

ICELANDAIR Cargo yesterday began cargo flights carrying fresh fish to Humberside Airport in England. This is the first of regularly scheduled flights of this kind to the airport, which will continue twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays- as part of an eight-week trial contract according to Icelandic news source

Robert Tomasson, Marketing and Sales Director of Icelandair Cargo, stated that he hopes these flights will continue, as the reaction of the buyers in the Humber area has been very positive. All together, just over 10 tons of fresh processed fish was sent with the flight but it is equally possible to transport 15-16 tons of processed fish with each flight.

Until now the fish from Iceland has mostly been flown to Scotland and London, then driven to buyers in the Humber area. The new arrangement saves considerably on transport costs and in addition to this, fish now comes to them in practically the same day it was caught, which can add one to two days to the freshness date on store shelves.

Robert Goldsmith, director of Humberside Airport, says the contract with Icelandair Cargo is a big step for the airport and it is hopefully the beginning of more cargo flights to the airport. It is in a very good location close to the fish industry and the Humber area is a key function in all food distribution in Britain.