Fish with three eyes caught near atom plant –

Fish with three eyes caught near atom plant Published:  31 October, 2011

IT could be the ultimate fish horror story – a three-eyed wolf fish has been caught close to a nuclear power station in Argentina!

According to the Argentine website the fish was found in a reservoir near the city of Cordoba where hot water from the nuclear plant is pumped. Not surprisingly, the discovery has worried local fishermen. The Argentine authorities are investigating the find to see if it has any link to the power station.

One local fisherman said: “We were fishing and we got the surprise of getting this rare specimen. As it was dark at that time we did not notice, but then you looked at him with a flashlight and saw that he had a third eye.”

Conservation organisations are comparing the mutated fish to an early and prophetic episode of the Simpsons when an orange fish with three eyes was caught in waters near the fictional Springfield Nuclear power station where Homer Simpson works.

In the popular cartoon series, the good residents of Springfield, like their very real Argentine counterparts, also worried about their health and welfare and then planned to have the fish embalmed for posterity. On a  more serious note, Greenpeace called on the health authorities in the Japanese capital Tokyo to toughen radiation screening and food labelling rules on Thursday after it said low levels of radiation had been detected in seafood sold at Japanese stores. Greenpeace said it tested 60 seafood samples bought at stores in eastern Japan operated by five major supermarket chains found 34 of them with radioactive caesium-134 and caesium-137.

It claims that the radiation has come from the region near the wrecked Fukushima  nuclear plant following the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in March.