Fischler Fails To Live Up To Assurances –

Fischler Fails To Live Up To Assurances Fishing Monthly Published:  04 July, 2003

THERE was still no word today on when Scottish fishermen can expect to receive decommissioning offers.

Meanwhile, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation chief executive Hamish Morrison said EC fisheries commissioner Franz Fischler has not lived up to his assurances that Europe is ready to help fishermen during what is turning out to be a difficult transitional period.

“The aid situation is in a complete mess and while we have had almost daily lectures from Mr Fischler on how Europe stands ready to help us through this painful transition, he has failed miserably.

“ He has made general protestations which one imagines would have covered him having a word with the budgetary comissioner saying for example there is going to be a big decomissioning coming in Scotland or wherever and we want this to be fast tracked through.”

But as it was skippers were facing a flow of adverse consequences from the decommissioning delays, for example over issues like whether to continue fish finding equipment rental deals and the fact that the next instalment for PO memberships were falling due .

“Now you have people who have not surrendered their licences but who are not sure where they stand in relation to a number of issues.”

But boat crews whose skippers had applied for decommisioning were already leaving the industry.