EU urged to approve and aid ISA vaccine –

EU urged to approve and aid ISA vaccine Fish Farming Today Published:  18 September, 2002

IAN Hudghton, the SNP Euro MP who pressed the European Commission to compensate fish farmers at the height of the ISA (Infectious Salmon Anaemia) outbreak for the slaughter of their salmon, has now called on the Commission to approve a new vaccine to combat ISA and to contribute funding for its distribution.

Mr Hudghton has tabled a parliamentary question to the Commission. and commenting in Brussels,he said:“The policy of en mass slaughter of salmon due to the prevalence of ISA, a flu-like virus which does not pose any threat to humans, has meant that all fish in an affected farm must be slaughtered, whether affected by the disease or not.No compensation has been paid, despite repeated efforts, both political and legal.Funding to develop a vaccine has also received little support within the European Union. Now, Norway has come up with a vaccine which is reputed to provide a protection level of more than 90 per cent.I have therefore urged the European Commission make an urgent decision regarding this crucial vaccine, approving its use.I have also asked the Commission to indicate whether funding will be made available to salmon farmers in order to allow the vaccine to be properly distributed and to ensure that ISA is eradicated.”