EU TALKS END – WWF Scotland reaction –

EU TALKS END – WWF Scotland reaction Published:  19 December, 2011

Responding to the conclusion of two days of talks in which European Fisheries Ministers have agreed on the fishing opportunities for 2012 Dr Mireille Thom, Senior Marine Policy Officer at WWF Scotland said: “We are encouraged that the catch proposals have largely been set on the basis of scientific advice – a key requirement to deliver a sustainable future for our fisheries.

“Previous efforts by UK fishermen to fish more selectively and avoid cod are starting to pay off, but with considerable work to do to eliminate wasteful discards and ensure protection of our seas it is no surprise that these proposals step this up further.

“The transition to a sustainable fisheries will require work across the fishing fleet and continued progressive incentives.  As we move towards CFP reform it is obvious that a more regionalised approach to fisheries management will allow for more flexibility in adapting and responding to the needs of the fisheries.”

“Proposals for west of Scotland haddock show that close working between all parties can enable the right decisions to be taken which enable increased haddock catch whilst also safeguarding cod stocks.”