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Dramatic Action Promised If Catch Cuts Go Through Fishing Monthly Published:  15 December, 2002

THE newly formed European Fishing Action Group has vowed to take dramatic action within the law if EC fisheries ministers fail to agree an acceptable survival package at this week’s fish talks in Brussels.

A campaign of lawful defiance involving Europe’s fishermen in a number of key fishing areas including the North Sea and the Mediterranean is being worked out.

And it is known that fishermen’s leaders will mount the most dramatic demonstrations of industry solidarity yet seen if there acceptance this week of EC strategy that would decimate European catching power.

Five key demnds have already been delivered to EU fishing ministers and Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association secretary George MacRae said today that among the demands, are calls to reject the controversial and out of date scientific evaluation which led to draconian catch cut calls from the Commission.

The industry also wants suspension for 12 months or longer of any more restrictive measures on the industry until evaluation of previous measures has been carried out with fishermen involved in this process.

“Fishermen from a number of countries including Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Eire, Denmark, Belgium, France and the Netherlands will take whatever action they think necessary within the law to protect the fishing industry. This action would be significant, across Europe and on a scale never seen before. We would expect unanimity of action because of a common denominator-self preservation.

“Quite simply we will take significant steps to protect our industry if the Brussels decision goes against us.”