Conad relies on Friend of the Sea to certify its seafood as sustainable –

Conad relies on Friend of the Sea to certify its seafood as sustainable Published:  28 October, 2011

CONAD, a leading Italian supermarket chain, has chosen to rely on Friend of the Sea, a non-profit organisation, in order to certify its suppliers of farmed sea bass, sea bream, turbot and trout.

Conad consumers will soon discover the Friend of the Sea logo displayed on certified seafood branded with Conad’s “Quality Path”. Certified products have been farmed in accordance to strict sustainability requirements and respectful of the environment.

The auditor verifies each phase of the farming process, from the production plant to product distribution. Product traceability is checked in order to guarantee that origins do not differ from approved ones.FOS criteria for farmed products include no impact to critical habitats ie; mangroves and wetlands; escape and waste management policies in place, bycatch reduction and also the monitoring of feed impact.FOS follows the FAO guidelines for the eco-labeling of fish and fishery products from marine capture fisheries and aquaculture plants.

Paolo Bray, FOS executive director proudly announced: “I am pleased that supermarkets are making sustainable choices and their attention to sustainable food is continuously growing. Conad has shown great respect for ethics and the environment.”