Common call for sustainable settlement on mackerel –

Common call for sustainable settlement on mackerel Published:  13 September, 2010

Faroese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorgen Niclasen met yesterday with Struan Stevenson, Scottish Conservative MEP, at an informal meeting in the Faroese capital, Tórshavn.

Representing the European Parliament´s fisheries committee, Mr Stevenson called for a settlement on the ongoing mackerel dispute over quotas in the Northeast Atlantic. “We have to find a resolution that is sustainable and protects the future of the mackerel stock in the Northeast Atlantic.” he said.

Mr Niclasen firmly agreed with Mr Stevenson on the need for a, early resolution to ensure sustainable mackerel fisheries for all countries involved.  He further underlined that all coastal states share the responsibility to solve the mackerel issue and find a new agreement on the sharing of this valuable stock.  Only a few weeks ahead of the scheduled round of coastal states consultations on the management of mackerel for 2011, Mr Niclasen noted the value of ensuring a constructive dialogue on the issue between all relevant parties.