Blair Will Be Warned:End The Isolation –

Blair Will Be Warned:End The Isolation Fishing Monthly Published:  20 January, 2003

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair will be told later this month that Britain’s isolation in Europe over fisheries has to stop if a massive groundswell of anti-European feeling is to be headed off.

Scottish Fishermen’s Federation President Alex Smith said he will tell Mr Blair when he meets industry leaders on January 28 that the UK Goverment has not pushed the boat out for the UK industry.

“We do feel that UK representation in Europe is weak and that can only be borne out by the results from fisheries negotiations over the years.But this cannot be allowed to continue.

“But is Mr Blair comfortable to se us being discriminated against and getting a raw deal? If he is, he is going to see a massive escalation of anti European feeling.

“Peope are very worried and there is so much frustration and worry about.Here are the beginning of the year we have poor prices, only have half the quotas we had and imports appear to be undermining the market