Aid Delays "Beggar Belief" –

Aid Delays “Beggar Belief” Fishing Monthly Published:  03 June, 2003 A FISHERMEN’S spokesman said today that there is as yet no clear time-scale for the payment of both decomissioning and transitional aid for the Scottish fleet which, he said, beggars belief. George MacRae, secretary of the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association said that the latest information from the Scottish Executive is that they are not expecting decommissioning to be progressed for a couple of weeks anyway and transitional aid perhaps a couple of weeks after that.“As yet, there is no European approval for this state aid for either decommissioning or transitional aid , although I am told the Executive has responded to questions which have been raised and there is no reason to believe that either will not be approved .“But in terms of timescale,it is very unlikely you are going to see any advancement on offers for decommissioning before the middle of June and it would be unlikely you will see any applications being invited for transitional aid before the end of June.“This means it could be the end of July before anyone gets decommissioning cash, if present rules stand and it would be early August before transitional aid started to be paid. “This timescale is completely unsatisfactory and typifies the frustration fishermen feel about the political management system and also justifies the deeply-felt cynicism they hold.”