Adding Value Move Takes Off –

Adding Value Move Takes Off Fish Farming Today Published:  09 May, 2003

MARINE Harvest has announced at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels that it is now working with the Culinary Institute of Norway (Gastronomisk Institutt) to promote interest in and innovative culinary uses of farmed fish. Marine Harvest has become a main sponsor of the institute.

“Becoming a main sponsor brings us a unique opportunity to work with the institute in developing new dishes and meal ideas based on the expanding range of Marine Harvest farmed fish,” said Vidar Julien, Communication Director Nutreco Aquaculture.

Marine Harvest is a Nutreco company. “In addition, we will be able to organise courses in preparing food and creating dishes for our employees and for leading customers, including food service chefs and meal planners and for retail seafood specialists. These could be at the institute in Norway or elsewhere in the world. The institute is familiar with a wide range of culinary cultures and preferences, having competed in numerous major international competitions.”

The Culinary Institute of Norway is based in Stavanger and Oslo.