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A new era of whitefish processing Published:  08 April, 2014

BAADER AND Norway Seafoods have joined forces to create a better and more efficient processing line for cod and other whitefish species.

The aim of the new processing line is better quality, a more efficient work flow and better economics for fish processors, as well as a significant improvement in fillet quality.

The core product of the new solution is the recently developed filleting machine, BAADER 582.

The quality of the fillet, especially in the high value loin area, is significantly improved as the new cutting process is not forcing stress on the fillet and the membrane in this area stays intact.

This is particularly important for soft fish. The black belly skin is perfectly removed and the yield is improved compared to traditional filleting machines.

The BAADER 59 skinning machine follows the BAADER 582 in the processing line. The fillet is smooth after skin removal and even soft products are skinned gently.

One of the special features of the BAADER 59 is that skinned, separated fillets leave the machine stretched out, ready for inspection and further processing. No manual straightening is necessary.

In combination BAADER 582 and BAADER 59 produce filets with improved quality for further processing and packing to consumer products which results in higher yield at lower cost.

BAADER is handling the challenge of monitoring and controlling production with the company’s weighing equipment and B’Logic® software for easy access to production information for optimizing the raw material usage, the operator efficiency and the performance of the equipment.

B’Logic® software interfaces all actors at the processing floor, the production office and the management.

Robert Focke, Managing Director at BAADER said: ‘We are really pleased about the opportunities which arise through the combination of the strengths of the BAADER Group and Norway Seafoods.

‘Both companies complement one another respectively to process technology, development experience and practical knowledge.

‘Both companies hold long traditions and we are both skilled and passionate about our profession and we always strive to improve.

‘By focusing on total solutions we support a Safe Food Policy in everything we do – and “we do what we say”. Above all, we look forward to step into the new era of Whitefish Processing together with Norway Seafoods and to take our products to the next level.’

Thomas Farstad, CEO Norway Seafoods said: ‘The co-operation with BAADER Group has delivered a much needed improvement to the whitefish processing industry.

‘Consumers will experience better products and processors improved financial results. Additionally, this is an important step to create more knowledge based jobs in the processing industry.

‘The knowledge and experience of BAADER matches industrial needs of Norway Seafoods, and the companies have jointly identified and solved issues with respect to filleting and skinning of cod.

‘We are pleased with the results, and are committed to further technological development within this sector.’

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