Taking back control

Border Force Customs

Physical checks on plant and animal products imported from the EU into the UK will start from 30 April. Will the UK’s seafood exporters feel that they have a level playing field at last? Sandy Neil investigates.
The UK left the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union on 31 December 2020, leaving the UK and EU with separate customs and regulatory regimes.

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Hurdles get higher

Air freight

Bureaucracy, import duty and international tension are holding back seafood trade, the Norwegian Seafood Council says. Vince McDonagh reports War, international unrest and inflation are creating major challenges for seafood exporters, the Norwegian Seafood Council is warning in its latest update on trade. Salmon and related fish companies are operating in an extremely complex global…

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Norway’s salmon record finally comes to an end

Norway’s amazing three year run of seafood export growth has finally stopped – at least for the time being. Figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council today show a fall in the value of sales, including salmon, both for last month and over the first quarter of 2024. Norway exported NOK 40.2bn (almost £3bn) worth of…

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Seafood Council names new France envoy

The Norwegian Seafood Council has a new envoy to help promote the industry in France, one of the country’s main salmon markets. She is 41-year-old Sigrid Louise G. Philippart (pictured) who is coming into the world of fish from the energy industry. She takes over from Trine Horne who has been doing the job for…

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Brexit ‘costs industry up to £100m a year’, Salmon Scotland chief says

Brexit has cost Scotland up to £100m each year in “lost” salmon exports, according to the industry body, Salmon Scotland. That’s what the organisation’s Chief Executive, Tavish Scott, will be telling MSPs in the Scottish Parliament today. He will be addressing MSPs on the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee as part of their…

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Norwegian salmon prices flat as Easter approaches

Roasted salmon and green beans for Easter brunch

The price of fresh salmon in Norway has fallen for the fourth consecutive week and is now at its lowest point since the end of January. According to Statistics Norway, which monitors prices in a regular basis, the fresh variety was down to NOK 106.19 per kilo (£7.88) last week (week 11). Just a month…

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