Nordic Aquafarms sues city over development block

map showing location of Belfast, Maine USA

Nordic Aquafarms has launched a legal action against a local authority in Maine, USA in an effort to keep its plans for a large land-based salmon farm on the US east coast alive. The company is asking the Maine Superior Court to reverse a decision by the City of Belfast, Maine which has had the…

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Preparing aquaculture for climate change

The climate workshop at Nofima

Scotland and Norway joined forces last month to raise awareness and initiate action on climate change, as Elisabeth Ytteborg, Carlo C. Lazado and Lynne Falconer report. On 18 April, more than 70 people attended the Aquaculture and Climate Change workshop at the Nofima offices in Ås, Norway.

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Salmon industry report predicts high demand, slow growth

A growing global middle class and an ageing world population looking to eat healthy food are driving Atlantic salmon consumption, the industry giant Mowi says in its 2024 Salmon Farming Industry Handbook, published today. It also warns, however, that the industry is reaching the limits of growth unless there are significant improvements in production technology and fish health.

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European award for leading fish farmer

Salmon farming veteran Paul Birger Torgnes has been honoured by the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), in recognition of a career that goes back to the early days of the industry in the 1980s.

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Wrasse the way to do it

Ballan wrasse, reared at Ocean Matters in Wales, being transferred to Mowi farms in Scotland

A team of UK researchers has received funding to find better ways to vaccinate ballan wrasse against bacterial infection. It is hoped the project could help to grow the use of wrasse as cleaner fish to control sea lice on salmon farms.

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