India opens up for Norwegian seafood

Flag of India

Norway has opened up a new and potentially important salmon market after the signing of a free trade deal with India, one of the world’s largest economies. Although not regarded as a nation of salmon consumers, more affluent Indians are generally partial to Western food tastes. The deal has been negotiated through the trade organisation EFTA of…

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Boost for salmon in new Norway-EU deal

Norway and the EU have signed a new seafood deal which is expected to lead to an increase in salmon trade. Much of the deal simply confirms a continuation of the current arrangement, but the big winners are likely to be Norway’s salmon farmers. Norway’s new Fisheries Minister Cecilie Myrseth said that the EU remains her…

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Canadian seafood exporters welcome UK trade deal

Seafood leaders in Canada have this week welcomed the signing of a temporary free trade deal with the UK. The agreement means there will be no tariffs on farmed or wild caught fish exported to Britain next year. Tariffs on Canadian seafood to the European Union were abolished earlier this year under the Canada-Europe Trade…

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